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Health lifeBananas are widely known as the instant energy supplier. This yellow tropic fruits can easily be found in breakfast menus; they are sometimes served as a topping for pancakes or mixed in a bowl of oatmeal’s. The existence of the bananas in your breakfast is definitely with a good reason. A single banana only contains 90 calories which are great to be your healthy snack to munch on rather than sugary snacks that only makes you crave more and more. Supply yourself with bananas and carry one or two in your bag just in case your stomach needs a fuel.

Bananas To Keep Your Body Fit

Do you know that per 100 grams of bananas contain 0.3 total fat, 1 mg salt, 2.6 gm dietary fiber, zero cholesterol, 360 mg potassium, 1.1 gm protein, and 12 gm sugar? Those are just another fact and reason why you need to include bananas in your daily meal. Here are more:

  1. A powerhouse of nutrients. Bananas contain essential minerals and vitamins including calcium, iron, potassium, folate, manganese, niacin, B6, magnesium, and riboflavin. Those take the role to give your body proper functioning.
  2. Fiber content. Bananas are highly contained with fiber. Both insoluble and soluble are inside in a piece of banana. The soluble fiber is the role behind why you feel full longer than usual because it has the tendency to slow your digestion.
  3. A single piece of banana has a sour and sweet taste. The sweetness has the ability to bring the sense of heaviness meanwhile the sour taste is said to stimulate the digestive juices.
  4. Healthy for the heart. High content foods are known good for our heart. By increasing the consumption of high fiber foods can lower the risk of cardiovascular and heart disease, according to a research by the University of Leeds.

Besides the high fiber and vitamins in bananas, they are also delicious! Who doesn’t love banana anyway?

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