Electronic-based health records provide longitudinal patient health data in accordance with the health services that patients have received in various healthcare facilities. On paper-based records, these data are still fragmented in each of the healthcare facilities that have treated the patient. Electronic health records integrate data from health records in each healthcare facility. Point Click Care provide the way of the electronic-based health record into the platform so that the advantages about it can be obtained. You can try to use it for helping you at work. Here are the advantages using Electronic-based health records.

What Are The Advantages?

What are the advantages of using electron organic health record from Point Click Care The first is about time efficiency? The documentation process using electronic health records takes a much faster time than paper-based recording. A fact that denied that computer-based records would actually hinder the service process because it is feared to take more time than writing on paper. Then, it is about cost efficiency. Study results prove that the implementation of electronic health records will considerably cut the health budget. Although the investment cost at the beginning of implementation is quite large the potential for budget savings in the future is much greater. One of the benefits of other electronic health records is the declining number of medication errors. Electronic-based systems can provide an early warning to alert a doctor if any action or medication is in conflict with a previous patient’s history.

Basically, an electronic medical record is the use of electronic methods for the collection, storage, processing and access of patient medical records that have been stored in a multimedia database management system that collects various medical data sources. So it is Point Click Care, which integrates all the information of medical records to help your team taking care of the patients. Then, you may check for the other products and services at Pointclickcare-login.

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