Cheat PB

Cheat PBVarious elements that are the development of previous features. One of the highlights available on cheat PB Garena is the AIM cheat. This AIM cheat is one of the harshest elements and the most distinctive feature, as it is a bullet that when fired can catch up to the closest enemy. Can also be used as a cheat AUTO Headshot if the target is directed to the head.

Various Features Of Aim Cheats In Cheat PB Garena

Just like the others in the cheat PB Garena, the aim feature also consists of a variety of support features that can be used to help players to get a win or point, such features include: aim bullet, aim bullet is a feature where the ball will pursue toward the closest opponent, so that the nearest most vulnerable enemy threatens our security will die first, so we will be in a safe position. In addition to the aim bullet, there is also a target. Target Aim is one of the features that can be used for target bullets that are set to pursue to the head or body of the opponent’s point blank so that we can quickly arrange which candidate is targeted for shooting. Usually, the target is the most potent opponent which is excellent, thus keeping players safe from dangerous enemy hazards.

In addition to the aim bullet and aim target feature, another feature of AIM cheats in the cheat PB Garena is the BOT head aim. Aimbot head is one of the highlights used to make a shot, where the ball will automatically hit the head of the opponent. So the enemy will be easily defeated. That’s some of the features that exist in cheat aim that can be used as one of the sniper weapons to trounce the swamp and can master the game with sophisticated. Have a nice play!

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