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animals names listDo you like dogs? As it is known that many people like this animal because they can be so faithful and friendly with a human. Dogs also usually help people to do many activities like many dog breeds have done. When we talk about it, indeed there are many things about animal facts of dogs which people have not known well. For instance, is about the biggest dog breeds in the world. We know that there are various dog breeds with various size as well. Then among them, there are certain dogs having a big size. Thus, what are the biggest dog breeds in the world?

Animal Facts: The Biggest Dog Breeds

If we can find Chihuahua breed as a small dog, so here are some of the biggest breeds ever. For the first one, there is Tibetan Mastiff that can reach 280 pounds in weight and 180 pounds of the average weights today. Another dog breed which can grow so big is Caucasian Ovcharka. Like its name, it comes from Central Asia and actually a working dog so they are not a good companion animal. In animal facts information, the weight can be 190 pounds and for the uncommon one is about 250 pounds.

In the next one, you should know that Neapolitan Mastiff includes as the biggest dog breed too. The massiveness of this dog causes them can reach more than 160 pounds. Can you imagine it? With 170 pounds of the average weight, there is Leonberger breed. Although they are so big they are a great family companion so it can be chosen as your pet. From Japanese Mastiff, there is Today Inu, this breed is known as a fighting dog until today. Also, there are Central Asian Ovcharka having 175 pounds and in animal facts info they are known as Wolf crusher.

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