While you want to plant the Tillandsia, you need to know first about the basic rules which you should master to ensure you care them in the best way. Caring the usual plants and the air plants are very different especially in watering them. The air plants don’t require any watering every day because they can survive for a week with no water. It means you just need to water them at least once or twice a week. It is one of the Tillandsia care rules you should know about it.

The Best Water Options For Tillandsia

The other Tillandsia care rules which you should pay more attention is about the water that you use for watering them. Well, you just have to use certain water to water them. First, you can filter the water or tap the water and set them for a long time to dissipate the chlorine as well and the bottled water is found. You also can use aquarium and pond water as long as they are not crowded with many fishes or reptiles. You should notice that never use the distilled and softened water. Why? It is because they have salt content on it.

You also should know that if you want to put them in a shell or any other places, make sure there is no water left inside. They will not survive for a long time in the standing water. Thus, if you would like to have them for a longer time, you need to be careful with it.

You also should note that you need to water them in a day better than you water them in a night. They absorb any carbon dioxide in the night and release the oxygen in the day. Thus, ‘if you water them in a night, they can’t breathe properly. It is another Tillandsia care rule which you need to follow.

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