If you love animal, and then loves the amazing natural scenery, then you are going to like our Bali elephant bathing and breakfast tour package. Located in Bali elephant park, Taro, Ubud, Bali, our package offers you hours of amazing experience to bath with cute and playful elephants, and then enjoy full buffet breakfast while watching our elephant playing outside. We offer you a complete package of a tour of elephant park, breakfast, and bathing. Not only that, our tour package comes with economic and reasonable choice, so our tour is guaranteed cost worth it. If you want an amazing experience that you can’t enjoy it anywhere else, then you need to try out our elephant breakfast and bathing tour. Bellows here, we are going to gives you a list of our amazing services, and what you will get from our tour package.

Enjoy Breathtaking Natural Scenery, While Enjoying Elephant Bathing And Breakfast

Our tour package already included with comfortable accommodation, full free buffet breakfast, amazing elephant bathing tour, optional safari elephant back riding tour, air-conditioned hotel transfers, and many more. All of these services you can enjoy for economic and reasonable price in our tour package. Not only that, you can enjoy all of these amazing services at elephant park for no time limit, which means you can enjoy every attractions and facility until your heart contents. The cost already included with a ticket to all of attractions and facilities, including elephant education attractions.

In order to purchase our tour package, you will need to express order and book it online. You will need to book online if you want to get your hand on our tour package. Our tour package had limited quota every day, and be sure to grab them quickly. If you order it now, you will get an extra special price, that it is guaranteed worth it for your money. Well then, if you want to enjoy a breathtaking view of Bali island, while enjoying playful elephant spraying cool water at you, and then enjoy warm buffet breakfast, then you are going to loves our elephant bathing and breakfast tour Bali.

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