Android is an operating system based on open source or free to develop. But the Android owner Google keeps limiting some of the apps that Google considers violates the terms and conditions. Some applications were declared forbidden. Since this Android app is off limits, of course, you will not find it on Playstore. It’s just that you can find it on some internet sites. But you have to be careful if you want to download it. Because the free apps on the internet have not been checked by Google. Are any apps forbidden for Android smartphones? Three of them are Aptoide, Lucky Patcher, and Mobdro.

Three Forbidden Applications

Aptoide is a forbidden app that resembles Playstore and provides some apps or games for free. It is obviously a piracy form if the application is actually a paid app. Therefore, you will not find it on Play Store. Aptoide application is also known to always update and not miss in offering the newest product. There is an indication that Play Store banned this app for fear of competing with other app store application providers. Lucky Patcher’s ability as a banned app is really dangerous for Android. If it is installed properly, it can perform fake transactions in certain applications such as games that appear to be paid. Lucky Patcher is also able to turn off ads that are served in the app by turning it off by force. Therefore, it is forbidden to be and will never exist in Play Store. Then What about Mobdro?

Mobdro is an app that will make your Android smartphone turn into a television that will rely on internet streaming. Unfortunately, this application is categorized as a forbidden app that should not go to the Play Store because of course violated the broadcasting rights owned by the television. The application itself offers a lot of TV channels, including TV channels featuring movies abroad. Some developers even try to install it on Android TV in order to feel the free content in it.

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