If you have bed bugs bites or punaises de lit piqures, you can try some methods to heal them. When you don’t treat the bites right away, it can lead to the second infection such as burning sensation, swelling, or bleeding. Therefore, when you see the symptoms on your skin, you need to immediately try these tips below.

How To Cure Bed Bugs Bites (Punaises De Lit Piqures)

The tips on curing bed bugs bites (punaises de lit piqures) are mostly used over-the-counter medicine. But they are safe and recommended by the doctor.

  1. Asteroidal cream

Asteroidal is the anti-itch cream that you can buy at the drugstore. This cream contains cortisone or hydrocortisone like Cortaid which is very helpful to heal itching and inflammation caused by bed bugs.


  1. A 1% hydrocortisone cream

This cream can also be bought at any pharmacy or drugstore. Its functions are very much the same as a steroidal cream. You can ask your doctor which cream is the best for you.


  1. Corticosteroid cream

If those two doesn’t work, you can try a stronger corticosteroid cream. But you need doctor’s prescription to buy this cream. Always follow what the directions on the label said before you apply any cream. Although the cream is stronger than other creams. But it doesn’t cause side effects.


  1. Calamine lotion

You can’t just apply cream only, but you have to apply calamine lotion too. This lotion contains symptomatic properties which can relieve the redness and itching. Calamine lotion also great for dry skin and protect your skin as well.


  1. Antihistamine

You can also take diphenhydramine which is an oral antihistamine. The medicine can help you to prevent the allergic reaction such as swelling. Follow the instructions before you take it. You may feel sleepy after taking this medicine.

Those are 5 ways to treat punaises de lit piqures (bed bugs bites)

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