Searching free DC comics download will lead you to explore other DC comics that you’ve never heard before. When it comes to superhero. DC will be always the one at the top of the comic world. We know Superman, we know Batman, and we know Wonder Woman. DC is the one that starts the superhero genre. If you are a fan of DC, we are pretty sure you already read many DC comics.

Free DC Comics Download

If you want to read more stories from free DC Comics download, below are the best comics from DC.

  1. Fall of Mutants

A crossover episode is always interesting. Fall of Mutants is the title of the x-Men second crossover episode. But this episode is special since the story is more of a spiritual story than other episodes. There are 3 stories in this episode which are new Mutants, X-Factor, and Uncanny X-Men. Those three don’t share the main story. But, each story has similar theme which is death. In New Mutants episode, it tells the story of Cypher who lost his life. And this makes him the first X-Men to die in the battle. In X-Factor, the heroes must face Apocalypse and new Horsemen that led to Death. He is their former member who is Warren Worthington. He is most famously known as an Angel before his death. As in Uncanny X-Men, the team has to sacrifice their lives to get rid of Adversary.


  1. Identity Crisis

As in Identity Crisis, the creator serves a darker side of the heroes in DC universe. Sue Dibny, who were Elongated’s wife, was murdered and burned to death. The member of veteran Justice League agrees that it is the Doctor Light’s work. In fact, there is someone who messes with the Justice League members’ mind. If you want to know the story, check for free DC Comics download.

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