Why do we need to brush our teeth? Most people know it is for cleaning the residue of foods among the teeth and mouth. However, is that all? No, it is not. You will get more if you brush your teeth and cleanse it well every day. Then, what are other purposes of brushing teeth every night and morning aside from cleaning the residue of foods?

The Purposes Of Brushing Teeth: Be Healthy

You know, the mouth is the important part of your body. You eat and drink through it. You will feel mostly anything around you from mouth and nose. You cannot let it damage because of your own mistake. There are many cases where the patients with damage teeth are sick and in some dangerous condition. Some of them even have cancer. That is why you need to brush your teeth every night and morning. See the brief purposes as follow:

  1. Your teeth will always be in the best condition without any tartar or yellow teeth that will damage your teeth slowly but it is sure. You know what happens if your teeth are damaged.
  2. It is much related to your health so much. If you have a problem with your teeth and mouth; you will be hard to eat and you will get sick. There are cases where the people who wear braces hard to eat and it cause them become too skinny.
  3. For your health of social life. Why? Ok, it is not your own health anymore. It will relate to your social life. You know what happens if your friends smell your bad breath? Ok, do not answer.
  4. Maybe it is not really a big problem in short-term condition but it will be bad in the future. What do you think?

Well, if you do not trust me; you may ask your dentist about that. If you want your mouth, teeth, body and social life always healthy; I suggest you see a dentist once in six months. That is all.

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