In the recent years, there are so many campaigns that are against the bullying. Not only will it make a person get depression, but it also causes some health issues towards the body. Although not everyone is believing that bullying can cause something bad such as physical damage, but you can be sure that bullying will get the effect on a person’s life. Therefore, it is crucial for everyone to understand what can happen when they do the bullying. This is a thing you should understand and thus you will know something that will not be bad towards others. Here are some things you have to know about bullying health issues.

The Physical Effects of Bullying

Many bullies think that bullying will be just easy, some people are even considering it as a joke. But, you will also know that there must be something that will happen to the bullied ones. The first thing that will be a fatal sign of bullying is the fatal sadness. Sadness can lead to some things like depression, anxiety, and stress. The stress then can cause some conditions like the fluctuation of body weight. As stress will also lead to the lost appetite, this will make a bullying victim becomes skinny and malnourished.

In the fatal stage, the bullying that happens in a long time will cause a person’s immune system to be weakened. The victim will also get a higher chance of heart attack. Some cases also report about the painful feeling on the head. In the mental level, depression that is caused by the bullying will make the people get stress and prone to experience suicidal thinking. These things are absolutely scary to experience. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are not the bully as it is dangerous towards the other’s health.

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