The common knowledge is that Arabica coffee grows at altitudes above 700 m, that is in high mountain areas. Coffee that has a distinctive flavor affected the surrounding environmental conditions will be difficult to live in the lowlands, especially around the coast. However, on the southern coast of Kebumen, this type of Arabica coffee grows well among the groves of the yard. It’s really a surprise, otherwise, it can be said to be desperate. Kebumen area used to be a coffee center. Even in Dutch records also mentioned that coffee is one of the mainstay commodities Kebumen in the colonial period. Coffee in Kebumen then disappeared since 1987 which was replaced by a clove that was loved by farmers Kebumen.

Kebumen Coffee With A Unique Taste

It is not mentioned what kind of coffee grows in Kebumen. A lot of possibilities are Robusta coffee. Some can also be a typical type of coffee Kebumen with fruit that is not too dense. Could be this coffee arises because of the type of Arabica coffee that does not match the coastal conditions of Kebumen, then adapt into a typical type of coffee Kebumen.

Kebumen coffee is also commonly known as “Djempol” branded coffee packaging. Coffee Djempol that existed since 1969 has become a coffee icon in southern Central Java. Before the arrival of the national brand packaging coffee on a large scale in this decade, Djempol coffee became a mandatory treat in the morning with kretek, linthing, and tempe mendoan. The local community of Panginyongan or Ngapak makes Djempol coffee as something that must exist in their daily needs. Djempol coffee factory and coffee shop are located north of Tumenggungan Market, Kebumen. In fact, robusta Djempol coffee with vanilla, corn and clove secret concoction also creates a unique way to enjoy coffee from Kebumen. You can see get more info about Arabica coffee house.

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