As you might find in the market or fish suppliers, two common products that usually available from mackerel is the frozen and fresh product. Usually, people choose to eat the fresh mackerel instead of the frozen one. However, horse mackerel frozen product still becomes their favorite, as they might need to keep it first before directly cook it. To cook your fresh and frozen mackerel, you need some tips and the tips will be important to help you to keep the quality of the mackerel. Especially for the frozen mackerel, you have to melt it down first before you cook it.

Preparing The Frozen Mackerel

When you want to melt the frozen mackerel, you have to put it in your refrigerator overnight. You better to open the package of your horse mackerel frozen and put it into the other package. You can put it in the bowl, for example. Then, pour the cold water there to help the frozen mackerel to melt down. In the next day, your mackerel will already meltdown, and then you can cook it as the meals that you want.

Not merely about thawing the frozen mackerel, picking the frozen mackerel will also be an important thing that you have to consider. You have to pay attention to the following things to get the best quality of frozen mackerel package.

  • Make sure that the package is not damaged. Of course, it is the important part, since the package helps to keep the quality of the frozen mackerel. It means that the quality might decrease when the package is not in good condition.
  • Pay attention to the fish body. Make sure that it looks shiny and fresh. Do not also forget to make sure that there is no discoloration of the fish that you buy.

By choosing the best package of the frozen mackerel and also preparing for the mackerel before you choose it, you will get the best horse mackerel frozen to eat.

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