Pitbull puppies are cute as they look so little. However, when they come to the age they will be fierce and strong. Basically, pitbull dog is very aggressive but if you often train them since puppies well, this dog could be quickly obedient and tame to you. All dog owners want their dog to be obedient. However, it is not easy to make dogs become obedient. You need to train them since puppies.

How To Train Pitbull Puppies

Here are the tips you can use to train puppies to be obedient:

  • Feed puppies regularly. The puppy should eat at the same time every day and give them 15-20 minutes to eat. Immediately, take the food if 20 minutes have passed.
  • Get used to having them to sit for a few seconds before they are allowed to touch the food. After that, give orders saying they can touch the food, like “OK”.
  • Never play an aggressive or violent attraction to puppies.
  • Don’t allow them to bite heels or clothes of others, especially children. This behavior is one of the characteristics of dog types usually living in groups.
  • Do not encourage pitbull puppies to be aggressive. If they are snarling at someone, don’t give a compliment, yet give them a warning, like saying “NO” infirm and tug on the necklace.
  • Don’t allow puppies to underestimate you while in the house. This encourages undesirable dominant behavior in puppies. Don’t let them stand above you while sitting on the couch or while your child is playing on the floor.

Well, these actions show that you are the boss and dominant to them. Don’t  try to convince or even give pitbull puppies a sense of comfort if they behave aggressively by encouraging them to be aggressive by spoiling. For a dog, if they are in higher position means they are more powerful than you.

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