Health tips

Health tipsAre you an active smoker? If yes you are, have you realized about how dangerous smoking is? Well, pretty sure that every active smoker knows well about the danger of smoking, but they just ignore it well because they don’t feel the side effect of smoking in short term, so they still enjoy to smoke. Well, you must know that smoking is not good for your health, and the question is why you are still smoking? Is it because you can feel relax while smoking it? For the smokers, watch the long term of side effect of smoking. You should understand well about the disease that you can get in next day.

How to Stop Smoking

If you have known and understood about the danger of smoking, so why you are still smoking? If you want to stop it well, there are some ways that you can do to stop smoking in the rest of your life. The ways are:

  1. You should make a commitment toward yourself if you want to stop smoking. By committing to your own self, it means you can control your desire to smoke the cigarette.
  2. After it, you can reduce one by one of stick cigarette. You can’t stop your smoking habit as easy as you think to flip your hands because it needs time to adjust your smoking desire. It would be very effective if you reduce one by one of stick cigarette per week.
  3. Get around with the passive smokers, because it will help you in holding on the smoking desire well. If you are still playing with the other active smokers, you will get very hard in cutting out the amount of stick cigarette.

Those are 3 ways that you can try if you want to stop smoking to get a healthy body and keep the disease away from your body.

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