Shrimp is one of the favorite foods that have a delicious taste and also high nutritional content, so do not be surprised if the need for shrimp is very much. Shrimps that if not done any processing it will be easy to decompose, therefore there are some companies that are innovative to sell shrimp in the frozen dry state, here are some dried shrimp Indonesia suppliers who have worked for many years so as to give priority to quality.

Review Company Dried Shrimp Indonesia Suppliers

For the first company which is one of dried shrimp Indonesia suppliers is PT Hot Jaya Graha. With the director is Hendra Centrino. This large company already has many employees, which is about 700 employees. Companies that address the new estuary road block 1 Kav. 1-10 North Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, for a phone number that can be contacted (62-21) 661 2069. With its business category is in the field of the fishery, business status is to be a seller as well as a buyer. The commodity index is in the form of seafood, as for the commodity is frozen shrimp, hi, sushi, and others. FOB is the bordering country. The company that was established in 1996 exports commodities to countries such as Japan, USA, Canada, and Europe.

The second company which is also one of the dried shrimp Indonesia suppliers is CV Indah Zahari, which is director of Okeh Syafrudin, this company has had the number of employees as many as 20 people, this company addressed on street 21 Januari, 20 B number 9 behind the board, East Kalimantan. The telephone number that can be contacted is (62-542) 38331. With business category that is puritans, status in business other than as seller also as the buyer. The commodity index is in the form of marine products, such as fresh shrimp, frozen shrimp, and dried shrimp. Yiru business type as a supplier and as a trading. The company established since 1990 is selling commodities to the local market for the region of Borneo.

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