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Health tipsIt is not something new that allergies become one of the common condition experienced by people. As we know that nowadays there are many kinds of allergies that cause many people suffered. One of them is called as drug allergies. This allergy is actually one the common one since many people may have been so sensitive with certain medicine consumed. That is why when someone suffers drug allergy they must avoid all medicine which can trigger the symptoms.

Symptoms, Triggers, Diagnosis And Treatment

Talking about the symptoms itself, the sufferers can experience it regardless whether the medicine is liquid, injective form or pill. That is why there are several symptoms which can occur such as skin rash or hives, wheezing, itching, swelling and anaphylaxis that can affect more than one organ in the body.

After that, about the common trigger of the drug allergies are antibiotics, sulfate drugs, NSAIDs and much more. Thus, you are able to check the information out here. Drug allergies usually are caused by penicillin, antibiotics containing sulfonamides, anticonvulsant, ibuprofen, aspirin, and chemotherapy drugs that we can usually see in the cancer sufferers.

For those who haven’t known whether they have this allergy or not, there is the way to diagnose drug allergies. Thus, before you get the problem because of consuming certain medicine it is better to do some test such as skin test and drug challenge. You are able to do all the tests in trusted hospital.

For the treatment itself, first, of course, you should avoid the triggers. For instance, is if you have a penicillin allergy, thus you should not consume this kind of drugs. Then when you have consumed it, taking antihistamines is the best idea to control the symptoms. After that seeking medical care as soon as possible is a must if the symptoms worsen.

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