street taco recipe

street taco recipeStreet taco recipe is the very usual way for you to enjoy the taste of the taco, which also known as one of the best Mexican food. You can find street taco easily on the street and of course, you also can make this street taco on your own at the house. But, of course, you need to know about the recipe first. If you interesting in making a taco at your house, you can follow the instruction below and also find the best way to serve the taco that you’ve made. You also can experiment with taco and have some fun in making the Mexican food at your house.

Street Taco Recipe To Enjoy The Street Taco

To enjoy the street taco, you need to know about the street taco recipe first, the ingredients also including the chicken breast, onion, guacamole, corn tortillas and also the cilantro. You need to chop and cook the 4 cups of chicken breast, and also prepare the 1 ½ guacamole, chop about 1 cup of onion, and the last one is you need to chop the 4 cilantro. Easy, right? After you done preparing the rest of the ingredients, you need to move to the next stage which you will make the taco itself.

After you done with the basic ingredients, you need or start the microwave and heat up the corn tortillas, you need to heat up the tortillas about three minutes, and right after that you can take out the tortillas and add some chicken chunk, guacamole, onion, and cilantro. Well, you have done make your own taco. If you like some lime wedges, you can add some of it, but if you don’t like it, you can put that aside. So, that’s how you can enjoy the street taco every day with street taco recipe. Simple and easy to do especially at the house.

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