To be a Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) is one of the best ways to reach career path in the health field. Without need higher education, you can get a career in this sector. Different from nurse aide, the nurse assistant has to present besides patients at the most time. A nurse assistant has to help the patient with most daily needs. From bathing, feeding, dressing, scheduling a medical check-up, and connecting to the doctor are the main responsibilities to be a nurse assistant. How about the certified nurses assistant salary?

How Much A Certified Nurses Assistant Salary

Although the certified nurses assistant salary is not as huge as other nurses, the growth career from his sector is prominent. If you want to be a rich people by working as a nurse assistant, so it is not your place. At least, you will get $26,590 as your monthly salary as CNA. However, the number of salaries might be different based on skills, field, location, and experience. It must be the common factor for working place which salary will be based on placement. According to US BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistic), there are only 10% of nurse assistants who can earn their salary more than $36,170.

Then, there are also some different salaries of nurse assistant based on the certification program. For a nurse assistant with licensed vocational and licensed practical nurse can earn around $44,090. Then, the registered nurses will have a salary more than $68,450. On the other hand, the medical assistant only has salary around $31,540. For the last, the physical therapist assistant can earn more than $55,610 as monthly salary. In that situation, CNA has more competitors in the future. There are nursing homes, hospitals, and even long-term care facilities. In that condition, the certified nurses assistant salary also might be more compatible.

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