You might already know that Papua, especially West Papua has many great tourist sites to visit. Many people come to this place to experience their great holiday by exploring the west side of Indonesia. Actually, Papua really shows how beautiful Indonesia is. It shows that Indonesia is not only centered in some islands and not only has few tourisms sites. It shows that all parts of Indonesia have great and interesting tourism sites that will never make you bored with that. One of the great places in Papua that you have to visit is Teminabuan. Do you want to know what you can find in Teminabuan? The following paragraphs will help you to know more about it.

West Papua; Get More Nature Views In Teminabuan

As West Papua is very popular with its nature, Teminabuan becomes the other region that will also show you the great scenery of nature. When you come to Sorong, it would be better to visit this region, since this region is located in South Sorong regency. Teminabuan is the capital city of South Sorong regency. In this capital city of South Sorong, you can find another interesting part of Papua that will be different from the other sites. In this place, you might do not find any beaches but it still becomes the place that will show you very great views of nature.

When you come to Teminabuan, you can explore forests there. For you who love to do this kind of exploring, it will be a very great activity. Besides that, you will also experience the nature by exploring rivers there. It will be the very interesting place to visit. You might also do some nature activities in the forest there and also the rivers there. With this interesting fact, you have to visit Teminabuan, South Sorong, West Papua.

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