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Health tipsHave you heard about hypertension? It is one of the diseases that many people get nowadays. Here this disease occurs when the sufferers have a higher blood pressure compared to a normal one. Hypertension itself actually can be so close with other diseases like heart disease. Since this condition is very bad, thus knowing well about a hypertension is a must. Here by knowing many things relating to high blood pressure indeed now, you can know well about the way to prevent it. Then if you want to know about this disease, here are the fast fact of hypertension.

6 Facts About Hypertension

There are some key points which you must know about hypertension as follow.

  1. People who are considered have hypertension when they have a higher blood pressure that is more than 140 over 90 mmHg.
  2. In diagnosing a high blood pressure condition, both systolic and diastolic must be read. Systolic is the pressure of heart pumps while diastolic is the pressure of heart relaxes.
  3. Nowadays the number of hypertension sufferers increases and one of the biggest factors which cause it is the modern lifestyle today. For instance, are consuming fatty foods as smoking.
  4. Hypertension can be secondary conditions of kidney disease. Thus, you also need to see the doctor to know whether your high blood pressure is the secondary condition or not.
  5. A long-term high blood pressure can lead to the complication. It is caused by there is the condition of the blood vessels which are narrowed.
  6. To treat hypertension, people can do some things like salt restriction, stress reduction, moderation of alcohol and dietary changes.

In summary, those are 6 facts about hypertension. Now you should be careful with this disease by changing your lifestyle to be a healthy one.

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