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Health lifeEthanol is a compound with the chemical formula C2H6O which is also called drinking alcohol and can be found in all types all liquor or alcoholic beverages. Ethanol can be produced naturally by sugar fermentation using yeast or through the petrochemical process.  It is able to weaken and suppress the activity of the central nervous system, such as the brain and spinal cord which function is to control the psychomotor ability such as body movement reaction and coordination.

The Symptoms of Alcohol Overdose and How to Handle It

Although it can react similar to the stimulant, alcohol is actually a depressant or a substance that causes depression to the consumers. Consuming alcohol can cause false happiness to the consumers. Another reaction that consumers will suffer is the body disorders. They will suffer speaking disruption, hearing impairment, and reduced eyes movement and capability. It can also decrease the consumers’ level of consciousness and self-control. Drinking alcohol too much can also lead to overdose. The symptoms of the alcohol overdose are a reduction of coordination, raving, abnormality in the respiratory cycle, unconsciousness, reddish eye, and the most terrible is the possibility of coma; a state of unconsciousness that a person cannot be awakened and respond to any stimuli.

If you find those symptoms, you must do this first aid to ethanol overdose. Firstly, shake the victims’ body or call them if they are asleep with a normal respiration or a normal heartbeat. In this case, the victims do not yet need emergency care. Secondly, put the victims in a safe place so that their condition can be monitored and nothing can harm them. Third, if the victims are not awakened and their respiration seems abnormal, keep their respiration smooth by, for example, put off some clothes buttons. And lastly, call an ambulance and send them to the nearest hospital or medical care if the victims are a coma.

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