It is very good to have a friend in your home. Most people who live alone in the home will need a friend at least to amuse and help anything they need. Bonzi Buddy is one of software that is very helpful and can be a friend of yours too. This software has a mascot named Bonzi that looks like a purple gorilla. You will love it if you love cute creatures. See all of the software below.

The Info And Functions Of Bonzi Buddy Software

Having friend and assistant will really fun and helpful. That is what the software does. You can interact with the mascot and it is very fun. So, do you want to know the info and functions of this computer assistant and friend? You can see them all as follow:

  1. Bonzi Buddy is very good at amusing you by singing a song. You will be amused when you are sad.
  2. This software also will tell you jokes and facts that will add your knowledge.
  3. Then, it can manage all downloads you need too from the internet.
  4. The cute Bonzi also can give you the latest news to inform you. You will always be up to date and know the news.
  5. The software also can manage the browsing of the internet.

Well, maybe there are more functions of this software and the mascot. Even though many people call it as the spyware too. It is because the software is taking all the information of the users. However, there are many people who still love this software and the mascot.

Ok, if you love to know more about the mascot and the software; you should find out in the link I will tell you because the official website page was disappeared in 2008. So, you can click this: and you will get all you need related to the software. That is all.

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