In writing printable job employment forms, there are two formats that you can use which are the chronological and functional format. This format is used for someone who focuses on his/her skills and experience rather than his/her job history. This format is used by someone who wants to change his/her career.

How To Write Functional Printable Job Employment Forms

To write functional printable job employment forms, you need to highlight your skills and experiences. Here are our guides.

  • List your education history

It’s better to list your education first. You need to list them in reverse. It means that you need to list your education history start with the most recent school. List the name of your degree if you graduated with it and don’t forget to mention the year who graduated. You need to list the university and program name. This also includes the basic information such as the address. List your cumulative GPA if you have it for 3.5 or higher.


  • List your achievements and awards

Since functional format highlights your skills and experiences, you need to list your achievements and awards as well. List all of them with the name and the date of the awards. You need to make yourself sounds like a hardworking and successful person by adding more achievements and awards.


  • List your skills

Highlight your skills too. As for achievements and awards, those are written specifically. But for skills, you can write them in general. You can create a short list of your good personality traits and skills.


  • List your job history

Since this is not your strongest part of your life, you can list them in the end. Make sure to write the company’s name, the address, your position, your responsibility, as well as your duty.

Functional printable job employment form are the perfect format to highlight your skill and experience. For more format, visit

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