Do you know Kroger feedback survey? It is kind of the online survey towards whole supermarkets and stores in States provided by Kroger. Actually, it is a different survey. The participants will get their chance to get a big prize for collecting points from each form of a survey. This kind of points is called as Kroger fuel points. After you finished each rate for one supermarket, you will get a chance to get 50 fuel points. The more you have fuel points, the more chance you will get to have free fuel. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

Tips To Participate In Kroger Feedback To Get More Fuel Points

Kroger fuel points are the most wanted one for this survey. You will get a big prize only by filling out the survey in each supermarket or stores. If you are 18 years old of American citizens and live in States, so you can join in participation. After that, you can visit the website to register yourself. Entry the date and time, then get your ID. Once you are ready, you can click the start which has been displayed. You can choose one of your most visited supermarkets or store to be the first rating procession.

To get the points, you need to rate the whole things that are shown on your screen. You can also compare that supermarket or store with other competitors. Moreover, you have also to measure your satisfaction towards its store. Then, you will also be questioned relates to shopping activity. You can also even recommend one or some of the stores that you love to your families or friends. After that, add your honest idea towards that store in the comment box. If you are still confused, so you can find the solution

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