The mood is a mysterious thing inside your body. The mood can be driven by hormone or your circumstances. It must be a disaster one when you need to finish all your work, but suddenly your mood goes down drastically. In some cases, there is no medicine which can help your mood lift up in fast time. However, you can prevent this condition by consuming some different foods. You can prepare various foods which are good for lifting up your mood.

The Best Foods For Lifting Up Your Mood

When your mood drops to the bottom of your body, it must be difficult. You will not run your life well if the mood still at the bottom. In that situation, you need to boost your mood up so you can continue your activities well. As the best recommendation, you can take:

  1. Walnuts

For the simple one, you can keep walnuts behind your desk. It is effective to help you reduce some stress and bring your mood back. You can take around 10 walnuts in a day, so your blood cholesterol level will be decreasing. It means that you will not have any mood problem even on the tough day.


  1. Green Tea

If you do not like walnuts, so you can substitute it with green tea. It will regulate your blood glucose level and let your body keep hydrated. In that situation, you will not get swing mood easily. Moreover, green tea is also effective to manage your craving over sugar after lunch.


  1. Coffee or Dark Chocolate

The taste of green tea is unique. Some people might not like this one. If you are one of them, so don’t worry. You can even take a cup of coffee to brighten your mood back. Moreover, you can also add dark chocolate. Both of them are highly effective.

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