Hand bag repair near me is not about just repair damage part of the handbag but also restore bag’s color. Color fade on the surface of a leather handbag is really annoying. It can damage the bag’s appearance. But there are some tips to restore the color for each bag brand.

Hand Bag Repair Near Me For Each Brand

  • Gucci handbag

Hand bag repair near me for Gucci handbag deserve to be kept good looking. Gucci has brightly colored handbags and the exposure of UV rays didn’t do justice to these handbags. Moreover, the build-up of grease and dirt over time also lead the bright color to become faded. A spa clean and handbag color restoration is needed so the Gucci handbag is back to its top condition once again.


  • Burberry handbag

The original color of lovely Burberry handbag is grey. But the color had darkened since your bag always worn too long. In order to restore the color, you need to do full clean handbag and find a place that can do handbag color restoration treatment. You can use rubbing alcohol or baking soda to restore the color. If you do these steps, your bag transforms into the original shape and color.


  • Balenciaga handbag

When you have black Balenciaga handbag, you have to be careful since the color can be faded over the years of use. You have to find the shop that can repair this with handbag spa. Usually, the workshop will repair the pipping. It is a part that was exposed to the air and light. That part is usually broken. And then the workshop will do a full clean handbag to remove the dirt from the surface of the handbag. The last part is to go through color restoring so the color is back to black.

That’s the steps for hand bag repair near me.

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