Health care

Health careBeing a health Indonesian is certainly difficult because their lifestyle has been deeply-rooted in their culture. As many types of research claimed, most of the Indonesian people have a big potential for being diabetes, and apparently, there are many diseases that are threatening Indonesian people, such as, heart attack, hypertension, and many kinds of cancer. The behavior of most Indonesian people must be changed. Otherwise, it will kill them even before reaching 50 years old. Thus, if you want to be a health Indonesian, you have to read these health tips carefully, because it may help you to change your bad behaviors.

Several Health Tips for You

The first thing you have to do is having a big intention to be a healthier individual. Why does an intention really matter? A big intention will protect you from any distraction or indecision for going back to your unhealthy behavior. Then, after you already decided to change your behavior, the first thing you have to avoid is eating rice. As we know, eating too much rice is the top reason why most Asians are suffering diabetes. Indeed, rice is a great source of our energy, but when you eat them too much and you do nothing, its glucose will be useless and damage your pancreas.

In order to avoid rice, you have to find a good replacement, such as bread, fruits, and milk. At first it will be very difficult because rice has already kept you alive for many years. If it feels impossible, you could reduce the amount of the rice on your plate. For example, you could add more vegetables and reduce the rice, so the portion will feel the same in your belly. Moreover, you have to do exercise to burn the calories in your body, so in a simple way, you have burned the rice and all the foods you have eaten. That is all for the health tips to crack the Indonesian behavior.

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