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Health lifeAs one of the most popular ingredients on any meal that we can find at home or at a restaurant, the egg is surely a great choice for a nutritious food with a cheap price. We can easily find egg everywhere and the price is highly affordable. When it comes to relatively small calories, this food is actually rich in protein, mineral, vitamin, healthy fat and other trace nutrients. Now, to help you serve such healthy meals by using egg, here are some healthiest tips to cook and eat egg.

Healthiest Ways To Cook Egg Dishes

For your information, there are some cooking methods that you can use when you want to serve an egg dishes. Boiled, poached and fried can always be the best choice for you. However, you can also try another cooking method like scrambled, baked, omelet or microwaved when you want to serve egg dishes. The point is that egg is able to be cooked by using different ways including poaching, boiling, baking, scrambling and also frying. When it comes to egg, the cooking process is important to make the food safer for us to eat. Moreover, it is also able to make our body is able to digest it easily when we choose to eat the food after we cook it.

However, even though cooking egg allows some nutrients on this food to be more digestible, there is a possibility that high-heat cooking may damage the other nutrients. At this point, you are better to shorten the period of cooking time when you want to make sure that the nutrients are not broken as you cook it. Moreover, when you want to make your food low in calorie, it will be good if you choose to boil and poaching as your cooking method. Then, you can add a vegetable to your egg to make your egg dishes healthier.

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