You love makeup, but you don’t know what to do besides applying foundation and concealer? Here are our makeup tips for you. With only a practice and some tips from us, you will learn how to apply your make up well enough for your everyday’s make up.

5       Makeup Tips

You can follow our five makeup tips that will be explained in below paragraphs, but note that you can actually practice and improvise the use of make up by yourself as long as it suits your taste.


Apply foundation as the basis of your make up. It will actually conceal the dark spot that is annoying.


Concealer also has the same basic function as the foundation. The difference, the concealer is to greatly reduce the sight of annoying scar, dark spot, or large spors even more greatly. Especiallyafter you apply foundation.

Highlighter and Contour

Highlighter and countour has a role in shaping your face as you like. For example if you have fat cheeks, you can use this products to sharpen your cheek in order to make your face look more oval.


Blush will remove the sense of pale in your face. It will make your face look fresher. As long as you apply suitable blush color, you will look shiny and fresh like a professional actor!

Eyeshadow, eyebrow, mascara and lips

Eyeshadow will add more shadow to your eyes that will make you look stunning. Eyebrow will let you shape and form your eyebrow as you like, either you want to bold it or to thin it. Mascara also important to make your eyes look more cute and elegant. While the lips is the finishing that will strengthen all the make up you just applied. Do the right color of lipstick and you will be georgous for sure!

That’s how you do makeup. We hope that our makeup tips are useful for you.

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