fallout 4 script extender

fallout 4 script extenderIf you know about Fallout video game, you will surely know that this game released its fourth series of the game in November 2015. If you have Fallout game in the previous series, you must get the message about this update game, it is serial number 4. If you want to install the series of Fallout, it is F4SE, you can do that by following the instruction guide that you can find the guide itself in the game package or if it is still confusing to do it, you can also read some instruction about the way to install this game in some article from the internet.

Way To Install F4SE

To install this game, you can go to the page that makes you directly can install this game because that page is available at the link to make you can install F4SE and following the instruction in that page. Such as before you can install this game, you must absolutely choose the latest series of the game, you must download installer file and there is 7 achieve file in zip extension that must be downloaded to before you continue to install the game. Do not forget to extract the zip file because you cannot install the game without the help of it.

After that, you can open the downloaded file and follow the procedure until you finish to install this game, such as you must click next and next until it is finished. If you failed to do the process, of course, you must do it again until it is finished. If there is trouble in doing the process, you can ask contact F4SE team that will help you to solve the problem sending them the email about your problem. Install this game is easy. If you cannot do it, there are many examples that you can see from the video from people who have to install the game and success to install this Fallout 4 game series.

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