We can’t stop time. We can turn back time when we were younger and had youthful skin. Some women desperate to have youthful skin. Some of them may consider plastic surgery to achieve the youthful skin. If you use anti-aging products to erase wrinkles, it’s still ok. But it’s not ok if you want to do plastic surgery. There are easier ways to look younger. One of them is to change your lifestyle. Our lifestyle can affect our health too. Not only body but also skin. Therefore, if you want to get youthful skin, you have to change your lifestyle too.

Tips to Look Younger

Sunscreen is very important to your skin. Many dermatologists always recommend sunscreen as your skincare starter. This is very true since wearing sunscreen regularly can protect your skin against skin cancer from the sun. Not only it protects your skin’s health but it can also help to protect you from aging. People who use sunscreen every single day are likely to suffer skin burn, skin inflammation, skin aging, and skin cancer compared to the people who rarely wear sunscreen. Wearing SPF 30 is the right thing to. Wear it every day whether it is shine or rain. Use more sunscreen for more protection.

The next tip is to slip the heat styling. We know that many women use either curling iron, flat iron, or hair dryer to style their hair. However, if they also use those beauty tools too often, it can make their hair look dull and dry. This will lead them to have an older appearance. Youthful hair characteristics are shine and bounce. But you can’t achieve that if you still do heat styling. The solution for this problem is by heat styling in just twice a week. This can make your hair “breathe”. And don’t forget to use a hair mask or hair toner.

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