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how to import contacts from google to iphoneThe importance of contacts for your work is very crucial. You will need much information and communicate to talk about many things to your colleague through you contacts. However, you might only have the contacts only in your Google account. Then, do you know about how to import contacts from Google to iPhone? You can import the contacts from your Google accounts into your iPhone. Then, how do you import your contacts from Google accounts into iPhone contacts? Are you curious about it? If you are curious about it, please read the following paragraphs to know more information about this process.

Steps on How to Import Contacts from Google to iPhone

When you only have your majority of contacts in your Google account, but then you want to import it into your iPhone, so that you will work and communicate easily with people, you can do these following steps. The first step in importing the contacts is tapping the Settings menu. Then, after that, you have to click Mail, Contacts, Calendars to find where your contacts do exist. Then, you can click Add Account in that setting. After that, do not forget to choose Other in choice and also Add CardDav Account as the part on how to import contacts from Google to iPhone.

Then, the next step is entering the information that you need. You only need to follow the instruction that you get from the system. After you already finish this page, you can select Next on the screen. The location is usually at the top of your screen. After tapping the “Next”, you will completely finish the procedure and the contacts are already imported to your iPhone. That is all the information for you about how to import contacts from Google to iPhone. Hope this information can give you the solution that you want. Hope you like it.

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