A headache is one of the common diseases that many people in this recent days have experienced it. As it is known that nowadays there are many kinds of a headache and migraine is one of the popular types of a headache. In this case, migraine occurs when someone feels pain in their head only for a half part of it. For the causes itself, it can be vary starting from stress up to getting the certain disease in which a headache is on EOF the symptoms of it.

Migraine Terms You Should Understand

Then talking more about a migraine, actually you must know several terms that are commonly used when we are discussing about this kind of a headache. Hence what are the terms which you must know relating to a migraine? Let’s check some of them as in the following explanation.

  1. Ataxia

A basilar migraine is known can affect ataxia that is the condition when the muscles in your body cannot work properly. In this case, you are not able to walk, talk and do other activities normally.

  1. Aura

Next, there is a term called as aura and according to study, 20-25% people who get a migraine will get aura too. Here the symptoms of aura itself are visual changes, bad sensory, up to difficult to speak.

  1. Diplopia

There is a term called diplopia too in a migraine and it occurs if you have double vision when you get a migraine especially basilar migraine. In the study, those who get this kind of a migraine about 45% of them have experienced diplopia.

  1. Hyperosmia

Hyperosmia is the condition which people will be so sensitive to odors if they get a migraine. It is from the word hyper and osmium that each mean excessive and smells. That is why it is not something new that certain people who are getting migraine will be sensitive to smell, light or sound.

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