If we are talking about the shrimp and fish, then we have an endless, and limitless variation of talking, since the kind, and species of fish and shrimp is about millions and more. Now, we are going to tell you about specific types of shrimp, it is Indonesia giant tiger shrimp. This shrimp has widely inhabited Indo-Pacific Ocean, and they often inhabit warm coral reef, around the shore. This shrimp is now widely cultivated, farmed, and then harvested from the shrimp farm. Now, there are more than million tons of giant tiger shrimp, cultivated, harvested, fished, and then consumed all around the world, and the demand for this giant tiger shrimp is really high on the international fish market. Giant tiger shrimp have delicious meat, tasty shrimp shells, and it is also very versatile to use in many seafood dishes, no wonder that this shrimp is now very demanded on market.

The Appearances And The Market Value Of Indonesia Giant Tiger Shrimp

There are many kinds of Indonesia giant tiger shrimp, and each kind has a slight different appearance. They are black giant tiger shrimp, red scaled shrimp, and many more. The female giant tiger shrimp can reach for more than 30 cm long, but the biggest male of giant tiger shrimp will only reach for just 25 cm long. The weight of giant tiger shrimp can reach for at least 100 to 170 cm for the adult. This shrimp is bigger than the freshwater shrimp, and lot smaller than medium-sized lobsters. What makes this shrimp is special is because of it delicate meats and distinctly smelled shells.

Since the demand for this shrimp keeps growing, no wonder that now these shrimp have quite a high price on the market. This shrimp is also quite hard to be farmed and needs quite a time to reach its premium quality, so no wonder that the price and market value of this shrimp mean very high. Want more info, www.blacktigershrimps.com is the right website for it.

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