Living in four season place is not a good idea. However, you need to face the season change faster than two season place. In that situation, your immune has to be stronger. One of the most sensitive parts of your body which is skin needs to take care more. When you are in autumn, there is a possibility that there will be no problem on your skin but an allergy. On the other hand, your skin will be getting dry easily when winter comes. So, there must be some steps that can be done to get healthier skin condition.

Tips To Maintain Your Skin Well For Changing Season

If you still have no idea what should be done in changing season, so you can follow these steps for your healthyskin:

  • Always Take SPF

Although you are in coldest season, you still need SPF cream. What makes it different from the different season is you can increase or decrease the SPF. For instance, you can increase your SPF for hot climates which is April to September. On the other hand, you can also decrease your SPF for cold climates.


  • Get Right Skincare

The different season has to be different treatment. You need to check your skincare and make sure that they are highly suitable for every season. In colder seasons, your skin will be more dehydrated so you have to apply skincare which can help your skin hydrated more.


  • Take Micellar Cleansing

If you do not want to make your skin get strip easily, so you can choose natural moisture. For instance, you can take micellar water as your cleansing. You need to use the mild cleaning rather than harsh cleansing.


  • Apply the Antioxidant-rich Night Cream

To maintain healthier skin, you can take antioxidant-rich cream at night. It will make your skin keep hydrated and repaired.

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