Many things are made of a material that is closely related to language lessons. Not only as a matter of course, it is also often used as a matter of examination in school at a certain level. Therefore, this time we will discuss the material about the language. One of the things the lesson in language is the phrase or in France, it is known as frases. To make it easier, then the material explanation about it will be divided into two parts. In the first section we will discuss the definition first, then proceed in the second part we will discuss the types. Immediately we refer to the following discussion.

Definition, Characteristics, Types, And Examples

A phrase or frases is a composite or unified word formed of two groups of words or more that have a grammatical meaning, meaning that varies according to context. In short, it can be concluded that it is a combination of two or more words but cannot form a perfect sentence because it has no predicate. Its characteristics are, in unity the word must consist of at least two or more words. Occupy or have grammatical functions in sentences. In unity, the word must have a grammatical meaning. Unity of the word is non-predicative.

Based on the above meanings and characteristics we can conclude that the phrase or frases are a composite of two or more words that cannot form a perfect sentence. So, we can make an example of the unity of the word is that is like the word fried rice, sleeping bag, food box, fighting spirit, take a nap, and right-hand word. Hopefully, with some information there, it can make you add a little insight and also help you to know about the combined or unity of words formed from two groups of words. You also can get more knowledge about that by searching the information on the internet.

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