Lion King Baby Shower Decorations

Lion King Baby Shower DecorationsOne of which we will discuss is animal cartoons and who does not know the king’s lion animal in the cartoon The Lion King. This movie is one of the children’s favorite movies about the life of the courageous and unyielding king of the king who rescued the kingdom that his own uncle seized by his own uncle who wanted to take over the whole of the jungle. So we will some idea to make lion king baby shower decorations.


Here’s the concept in Lion King Baby Shower Decorations

Children will surely love that her favorite movie is used as a design for her bathroom. To make lion king baby shower decorations In order for the atmosphere to be filmed we can draw the entire bathroom wall like the afternoon atmosphere in the meadow there are birds that fly to return to the nest, then the giraffe animal that eats the leaves in the trees, then the standing lion kingĀ  staring at the sky. Then added some water dolls which are stuffed lion king. For toiletries such as towels, bath pools, soap any place we can design the back of our armrests we make from wood to impress like being an adventure in the forest. Then for the bathroom mat, we can choose a light brown color combined with leopard motifs, then for the pillow case, we can put it with the motivation of Panther and zebra animals. We can also put the lamp-shaped lantern or traditional lamp. At the top of the sky wall, we can give the sky wallpaper so impressed as the woods. On this ceiling, we can paint the color gray.

So some tips that can be used in making lion king baby shower decorations. This decoration will bring a good design for the baby bathroom, so it is expected to be a more enjoyable shower. Hopefully, will make your children are happy for activity.

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