Hello, pretty people! In this article, we’re going to talk about the jewelry box to help you organize your precious little things. I believe every one of you has at least two or three pairs of earrings, a necklace, ring, and bracelets. Keeping them outside the box can be pretty tricky as they are small and hard to find. Jewelry box also prevents your accessories from damaging. So, it’s obvious that you can’t say no for the jewelry box. Not everyone may not like the idea of spending money only for a jewelry organizer, that’s okay! We have some DIY jewelry box ideas down here.

DIY Jewelry Box Ideas Made Of Used Box

Do you know that a lot of things around you can be used as a functional jewelry box? From the cardboard to the shoe box!  You can turn those two materials into a perfect box for your jewelry if you put your effort and creativity into it. However, if you still have no idea how to get started, we’re trying to give you the DIY jewelry box ideas. Let’s check this out:

  • A chocolate box

If your parents come home from a trip and bring you a box of cholate, don’t throw away the box once you emptied the chocolate. You can turn it into a cute jewelry box to keep any type of your accessories in it. You can’t just deny this one.

  • An egg carton jewelry box

I bet this is something that never crosses your mind before! Something that looks nothing glamorous can be turned into a room for your valuable accessories. This is just a brilliant idea!

Now, every time you purchase something that wrapped inside a box, don’t immediately toss it away. You will never know that they are going to be useful in the future, for instance, a DIY jewelry box. Let’s be creative and keep your jewelry altogether.

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