ZamhariWell for those of you who are Muslim, you must be familiar with this one word Allah. You must know Allah very well because in Islam and also for Muslim Allah the one and only God they will worship. Well everyone must be knowing the meaning of Allah in general. However, it is not that bad if you want to learn more about this one term called Allah so there will be explained about the meaning of Allah in Arabic. You know that Islam must be identical with Arabic language, so here is the explanation of Allah which is in the Arabic language.

The Meaning Allah In Arabic And Islam

In Arabic, Allah has a meaning God. You know that Allah is usually will be known from Qur’an but actually, the term of God has already existed before. Here will be given the term of Allah which is explained in Qur’an and Allah who is known by Muslim people. Well, the meaning of Allah in Arabic has been known for many years even before Islam. However, here will be given explanation deal with Allah in Islam so that it can increase you believe to Allah. You know that Allah in Al Qur’an has been explained as a single creature and always be the beginning and the last and even Allah has no child or parents.

Several people might be having a debate when it comes to translating the words of Allah because they think that Allah is different with God in general meaning because Allah is different and usually you know that God in general meaning can be plural; Gods. It is different when it comes to God in Islam because here God is definitely one and only. Allah also usually associated with Yahweh in Jews, so that to avoid the mistake Allah will not be translated. It is still Allah. Well to find out more about the meaning of Allah you can go to this link Allah in Arabic.

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