Recently, the use of blockchain technology has been spread in the world. Lots of business and industries have been using the blockchain system for improving their profits. In this case, just like any other business, the industry will need more money to let their business works. You might have ever heard about the IPO, which is the short of Initial Public Offering. But, with the growth of blockchain system you can get the best thing as it shifts to ICO with its ICO rating. For you who’s not familiar with these terms, you might want to know more about this.

Things to Note about ICO

If you’re into the business of cryptocurrency and wants to make sure that you can get the best from the business, then you can get the best reference for finding the ICO rating. In this case, you might want to also know what ICO is and how it works. So, here are some things you have to note:

  1. ICO is the short of Initial Coin Offering, which is the new method of how a company will offer its shareholder to the public. It replaces the position of IPO where the company will share their shareholder for the public.
  2. The method of ICO is by selling a particular amount of company’s coins to the public to fund the development and growth of the related application. The rate will be different from an app to another.
  3. You can purchase the coin by using your cryptocurrency if you own Bitcoin or Ethereum. There are some other methods for getting the token of the apps, for example, is when the company offers the airdrop program.

By considering those things, you will experience the best way in getting investment in the promising future apps. Therefore, you can also consider the ICO rating for your profits.

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