A food or anything that if we want to know the shelf life we can see with some parameters that indicate that a foodstuff is still fresh or old. For some parameters is not too difficult, it’s just that we need a little precision to be able to distinguish which is fresh and which is also not fresh anymore. Here are some parameters that can be asked to be able to detect a material that is still fresh or not.

Some Parameters In Determining Frozen Milkfish

Some of the parameters that can be used to determine which fish is fresh or not most are to see from their physical condition. The first parameter is to look at the fisheye. Here not only apply to milkfish alone, but this parameter also applies to all fish. Where freshly caught or fresh fish usually have eyes that are still prominent, whereas in fish that have been long enough his eyes usually no longer stand out. In addition to eye stand out, the parameters of the fresh fish are also clear eyes. To get a fresh milkfish make sure that the selected milkfish has clear eyes to be able to guarantee the quality.

Parameter other than seen from the fisheye is to choose milkfish that have gills are still red. Although to be able to see the gills is quite difficult, but we need to make sure whether the selected milkfish is a fresh milkfish. Where fresh milkfish is characterized by red gill color. If the gills have a color other than red for example gills have a brown color, then it is best not to choose the milkfish. In addition to the red gills, fresh milkfish is characterized by the smell of gills that like fresh fish. That’s some of the parameters we can use to detect whether the fish is fresh or not fresh. For more information can visit the page www.frozenmilkfish.com there are many types of milkfish and various cirri of fresh milkfish.

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