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Asus Zenfone BlogNowadays, despite the needs in high specification every smart phone should have makes the company releases special feature to accommodate this matter. No matter how the bigger size in screen usually requires more energy to support the sharpness and maximize the quality. Similar to another brand, Asus tries to do many types of research. It can be seen by the Asus Zenfone tips about power specification. As they release the latest series known as Asus Zenfone which all types made with 5.5” screen dimension, it requires extra power to support the performance.

The Power Asus Zenfone Tips

Since many times before, Asus is known by most people around the world because of its effectiveness in having special specifications at reasonable prices. But, with big size, the problem must be about the ability of the battery to keep it stood by. Therefore, Asus Zenfone tips develop a new feature in battery capacity which is named monster capacity. This feature is suitable to let people playing games, browsing the online sites, or taking pictures or video in longer times. However, the fast charging mode is also inserted to help them refill the battery as it is emptied. For taking time in three hours not stop, they only need to take fifteen minutes. It is an amazing feature.

On the other hand, the researcher in Asus Zenfone tips also tries to answer the lacking feature of this series which is quite heavy. The big dimension and the average weight that reaches 180 g will make the hand tired easily. Thus, it can be stated that the main reason why people stop using this gadget in a certain period is not that the battery died but due to their tiring. However, the monster technology inserted is still unbeatable. Nobody can resist on it easily because of the special specification it completed.

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