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Health lifeQuinoa cereal has been around for a while, and people love it. The reason is that it is fairly simple to make special foods from it. Moreover, it is also affordable foods that you can get on a daily basis. Therefore, it is something that family typically have. It is true that the cereal is a great way to satisfy your need for foods. It is also versatile. However, you may only want this food for breakfast because of its ingredient. There is also no need to worry about making the cereal since it is completely easy and fun

Making Quinoa Cereal

If you want to make the quinoa cereal, what you need to know is the health benefits. From the cereal alone, it contains high fiber. It helps you to have a better bowel movement. Moreover, it also absorbs bad cholesterol from your body. Thus, it allows your bloodstream to be free from clogging. Eating this every day will boost your health, and that is why it is good foods to eat. Indeed, we have provided other recipes in another article. However, you may get bored sometimes eating the same blends over and over. This is the alternative that makes your life more colorful.

In order to make this cereal, you need to prepare one cup of almond milk, 1/3 cup of quinoa flakes, a pinch of salt, and berries. Any berries will do, and you just need to put the one that you like. For the topping, you can have peanut butter. It is the most recommended. Just boil the almond milk, to begin with, the process followed by quinoa flakes and berries of your choice. Stir and wait until it looks creamy dreamy. That is all how to make the cereal. Put the toppings, and it is better if you have a banana, strawberry, and even honey if you want for the topping.

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