Here are the steps on how the canned sardine exporters process the sardine from catching to packaging. As a sardine lover, you need to know the process of the food that you love. The first step is catching the sardine in the sea. After that, the fish will go through the pre-frozen processor stored in the refrigerator at the sea. The inspectors from the exporters will check and pick the sardine that still in fresh and good condition. They will collect the sample and begin to analyze it with some chemicals. Sardines that not in good condition can’t enter the next process. They will either throw them or destroy them.

What Happened To Canned Sardine Exporters

The next step that happens in canned sardine exporters is the fish begin to enter the factory processing. The head, entrails, and a waste portion will be removed mechanically by using the machine. The sardines will be cleaned with clean, rush water. At the same time, the cans are being sanitized and ready to be filled with the cleaned sardines. We enter the filling process. The canned sardine will be filled manually by the workers. The filled can will go to enter “the box” where the excess liquid will be removed with the steam-cooking method.

Finally, we come to the final process. After the sardines being smoked, they will get additional ingredient to make them more durable. The ingredients that used commonly are herbs, sauces, and spices to make the fishy smell gone and become more delicious. The can will get the identification labels and be sealed. The cans finally enter the pressure-cooking method where the factory used thermal processing to make sure that all of the canned sardine products are sterile. The inspectors will take a sample for a final check. And the last step is to distribute and export the product worldwide. All of the processes happened in all canned sardine exporters just in one day!

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