Freshwater shrimp that have the scientific name Macrobrachium Rosenbergii is one type of crustaceans that have a relatively larger body size when compared with other shrimp are often cultivated. The size of this shrimp body reaches 30 cm so that the shrimp is known as the Giant Freshwater Shrimp. Currently, this freshwater shrimp is a favorite of Indonesian shrimp farmers because it is easy to breed, high market demand and excellent selling value. This has led to business opportunities as Indonesia freshwater prawn suppliers to a wide-open society. Shrimp business opportunity in the future is very promising.

The Freshwater Prawn Market Demands

The market opportunity of prawns at local and foreign level is still wide open; this is because the prawns are high-flavor foods with the middle to the upper class market segment. Demand for prawns comes from tourist destinations within the country. Meanwhile, demand for prawns from International market, especially Asian countries, come from Singapore, Japan, and Korea. While demand for prawns came from European markets such as the UK and the Netherlands, and from Australia, Scotland and New Zealand. Even the giant prawns market has penetrated the United States and Canada. This makes the business opportunity as Indonesia freshwater prawn suppliers more wide open. Moreover, the needs of the prawn’s market at the new International level are filled by China, India, and Thailand.

Opportunity cultivation of prawns in Indonesia is very wide open, the center of prawn cultivation in Indonesia is still concentrated in the area of ​​Yogyakarta is still small so that it can still be developed in other areas. This opens the business opportunities of prawns’ cultivation. Viewed from the economic side, cultivation of prawns will provide multiple benefits. This type of shrimp can be cultivated on non-productive lands can be used for cultivation of giant prawns that will benefit the landowners and workers. Therefore, you can also be Indonesia freshwater prawn suppliers.

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