why do my farts smell so bad

why do my farts smell so badPeople will feel so much annoyed if you fart in front of them and your farts smell very bad. Do you want to know why do my farts smell so bad? There must be a reason or more to know why it is a smelly odor when you are farting. So, let us find out about the smelly farts reasons here. You will get new knowledge and also you can see the ways how to make your farts not to smell bad. Let see the explanations below.

These Are The Reasons Why Do My Farts Smell So Bad

Farts are natural gas that is come from your digestive system. It can be carbon dioxide only or carbon dioxide with hydrogen sulfide. Which are the farts that smell bad? It is fart with hydrogen sulfide. If you eat too many foods contain sulfur such eggs, cabbage and so on; you will produce more hydrogen sulfide gas in your digestive system. Why do my farts smell so bad? Well, it is because of that gas and you have the gas because you eat too many sulfur-containing foods. Besides, if you eat carbohydrate and it does not proceed well; your farts also will smell bad.

You know, farts can be the indicator of your digestive system health or maybe your body healthy. That is why you should know whether your farts are smell bad or not. If you produce too much hydrogen sulfide; maybe you eat too many foods with sulfide or maybe there are other reasons. Well, if you want to know more information about it; you can find out in another website page. You may try to visit the website by clicking this: Why do my farts smell so bad? Then, you will be there. Thus, that is all the information you should know about farts.

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