The game is the most exciting thing. There are a lot of reasons why the game is produced. That is why there are a lot of genre for games. Although you have different interest, there will be a game for you. A puzzle which is the interesting thing also can be the best choice for you. You can try to train your brain as well. Moreover, most of the puzzle games are kind of no Wi-Fi needed games. So, don’t worry if you have no internet connection when you want to play it.

Get Perfect Offline Game For Your Brain

Actually, there are a lot of puzzle game which includes as no Wi-Fi needed games. However, some of them are highly recommended to be installed on your gadget. Once you play these games, you will never regret to download it and even get addicted. Here are the best puzzle games for you;

  1. Brain It On!

If you are kind of people who like to train your brain everywhere, so you can try to download and install Brain It On! There will three different levels in this game. Each game has mission boxes which must be solved. The problem lets you solve it. Your logic will be examined with this game. At the first, it seems easy. Then, you will get frustrated with some problems which are difficult to solve. In the end, it is an addicting game.


  1. Unblock Me

The Unblock Me is the most interesting but simple puzzle game. You need to let the red block out. It seems simple, but it will make your brain move to solve it.


Besides two of these puzzle games, there are also so many offline games which can be played to train your brain as well. You will never get bored to play it even you are getting stress with it. For more information, you can go and visit

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