staircase landings

staircase landingsWooden planks laminate floor is one of the best choices for home flooring, and it is very cheap and easy to install. Because of its easiness, and low price, no wonder that wood laminate flooring becomes very popular among homeowner. To install laminate flooring, it is very easy to do, and you can even do it by yourself. To install it, you will need wooden planks and laminate flooring installation kit. Inside the installation kit, you will find several tools and materials that you will need to laminate flooring such as a hammer, prybar, pull bar, tape measure, finishing nails, waxing and many more. Well, if you are choosing laminate as your flooring options, bellow here are simple step by step instructions to install wooden laminate flooring on your own.

Easy, Simple Step By Step Instructions To Install Laminate Flooring

The first step you will need to install laminate flooring is preparing your wooden planks by acclimating them to the temperature and humidity of your room. This step is needed to prepare your wood and layout, and also to prevent any buckling after installation is complete. Next, make your layout while waiting for your wood to be acclimated. Measure the size of your room, make sure you had enough wooden planks to cover up an entire room, measure the size of your wooden planks you will need, and choose which directions and layout of wooden planks you want. After that, prepare your floor by removing any existing baseboard, and clean up the floor from any debris and nails.

Now, that the floor is ready, it is time to put out your layout. Lay your first row carefully. Stick it close to the wall, but make sure you leave ΒΌ inch of gap between walls and wooden planks. Cover up the entire room with the row of wooden planks. Cut off the door casing to make little space with wooden planks. Now to put a finishing touch, reinstall the baseboard, and then wax the wooden planks. That’s it easy and step by step instruction to install laminate flooring in your home.

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