Black Skirt Tetra in a Community Tank

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Black Skirt TetraGymnocorymbus ternetzi or commonly known as black skirt tetra is a common freshwater fish originally coming from the Paraguay River basin of south-central Brazil, Paraguay, and northeast Argentina. It is widely available for purchase as a pet and in the market, it is also called as the blackamoor, black widow tetra, or petticoat tetra. It is a relatively small fish which can grow up to approximately 3 inches. It is a kind of schooling fish that will look completely pretty to keep in an aquascape along with other fish species to establish a beautiful planted community tank.

Choosing Best Tank Mates for Black Skirt Tetra

As an aquascape is usually a community tank, the black skirt tetra is a good choice to be one of the livestock to be kept in the planted tank. However, you should be careful in choosing the tank mates for the tetra for this fish characteristic is sometimes annoying to other fish. It sometimes can be a little bit territorial and aggressive to other fish by chasing and nipping the other fish tails. If you find your tetras start to chase and nip other fish tails, try to add more tetras to the tank. A Larger group of tetra will make the fish more peaceful to other fish since a large group of this fish can prevent them from stress.

Other species of tetra such as neon tetra, cardinal tetra, or red eye tetra can be good tank mates for the black skirt tetra. But, make sure that their sizes are not too much smaller than the black skirts. Besides, bottom feeders such as pygmy corydoras or loaches are also good to keep together with the tetras as these bottom feeders are peaceful. And, such algae eaters fish such as Chinese algae eaters, plecos, and Siamese algae eater can get along with the tetra as well. These fish are not only peaceful but also beneficial for cleaning up your tank.